Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blog 7

One part of being able to cook is being able to use the equipment in the kitchen. Like for example the oven or blender. Whenever I use the blender I always make a mess. Once when I was little I wanted to make a milkshake like I saw my sister do the day before. I only thought you need milk and ice so I filled the blender all the way up with milk and ice. Since I was small I couldn't reach the top part of the blender to hold it down and make sure none of the liquids inside got out. I pressed the automatic button and half of the milk came flying out of the blender! And since I pressed the automatic button the blender kept going. Milk was flying every where and it was awful! Eventually my mom rushed into the kitchen and turned off the blender. There was milk everywhere! On the ceiling, over all the counters, and all over me!

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