Monday, May 12, 2014

Blog 6

This week I wanted to make my mother breakfast for Mothers Day. I looked online for a easy recipe for breakfast meals. I found an recipe for a acai bowl. I went to the store and found all the fruits that I needed to make the recipe accept the most important thing... Acai berries. So I decide to bend the recipe and change the acai ice cream to strawberry ice cream. I put all the other fruit on top and it looked pretty good! When I gave it to my mother is instantly thought it was a acai bowl and took a bite. She was so surprised to find out that it was strawberry ice cream (her favorite). She ended up eating the whole thing and she liked it even more then acai bowls. This shows that even if you cant get exactly what you need you can always improvise!

^This is what an acai bowl looks like.

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